August 21, 2018

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May 26, 2016

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Line Thai Hair Line

August 21, 2018

Line Thai  Micro  Hairline ( LTMHL)

In Hair Transplant.To  construct  natural  looking  hairline  is  the  most  important. at  HHH  we  use theory  of  Line Thai design  to   construct    hairline. Line  Thai  is the  way of  drawing and design  use in ancients Thai arts  and  craft  .For    construction of  house,temple,palace etc. .

What  is  the different  between  artificial and natural line.?



Natural  hair line  is compose of  natural complex line.Line Thai pattern is very close to natural hairline.If we grow hair follow pattern of LineThai then we will get a very natural  hairline. Line  Thai  Pattern Design  of  Line Thai Basic


  • Primary Line

  • Secondary Line

  • Tertiary Line

  • Island or 2nd, 3rd layer

  • Make slits follow Line Thai Pattern











Line  Thai  Template A  very  simple  way  to  make a Line  Thai .Template  is  copy  from  real  person. I  copy Natural  hairline  pattern  from monks  and  nun by stainless  steel  template  .Then  copy  this  template  to  the  hairline. Make  slits follow  the  template.When  hair  grow. Pattern  of  hair  grow  will  look like  Line  Thai.  So  natural  nobody  can tell  this  is  from  Hair  Transplant.



Line Thai Template

  1. Front hair line and part line




    Line Thai Micro Hair Line















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