August 21, 2018

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May 26, 2016

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May 26, 2016

After long road of preparation to become female.The lady need male hormone reduction ,female hormone replacement,facial feminisation, Breast enhancement,SRS etc.The final touch is Growing hair on the frontal and temporal   surface. To create a very feminine or super feminine hairline to full fill her dream.

The challenge is convert  strong bony muscular face to soft smooth round lady face.

 Super feminine hairline:

Transgender want to be female than beauty if she have to choose.

But if possible then  very feminine and beauty is her ultimate dream .

Normal  female hairline is the hairline  which is effect from  normal estrogen level in the blood circulation.

Super female hairline  is  hairline of a super beautiful or sexy woman.Or a very feminine hairline.

Super female hairline is from super female.Who is the super female ?

Movie stars cerebrities etc. Her herline is not effect from estrogen but  from testosterone also.

If normal hairline is oval or round her is more curve and round.Even some small bald patch at the middle of frontal  hairline. If a Widow's peak then the edge is more cuve   tip is more sharp , point and high. All from  more testosterone effect.  Super feminine have more male hormone than normal female.! She look more feminine because of more male hormone !!!

Super feminine hairline can devide to:


1 Round shape or oval shape hairline with mild androgenisation at mid frontal fore head ..


2  Widow’s peak   with paramedian androgenisation



3 Persistent of vellus hair on the female hairline



Design female hairline :

To construct super feminine hairline is to change from  strong,bony,muscular aggressive face to a beautiful,soft,smooth sexy face.

What can be done: Shape:

Change   shape  of  temporal hairline .To blunt it.To  fill the temporal space to  create more  soft  very  estrogen look. From  triangular shape of  temporal  recession  to S shape  or L shape hairline. For   frontal hairline .  make the fore head  smaller  and  more round by fill in some 1 small tiny hair in the frontal forehead. Straight and angle or peak at the frontal hairline  give a strong  aggressive  look  not desirable in transgender.So round it,blunt it.

  • Widow's peak type 1   can blunt it because only one hair direction  in the peak .

  • Widow'speak  type 2    better do not touch  because of  two group of different hair direction .

Or fill in the gap side of the peak to  make the peak look smaller.

widow's peak type 3 fill the temporal recession.If 2 group of hair then carefully match or avoid the opposite hair. Partline and part peak. Fill in the hair to smaller the part peak and partline. Increase the density but never change the architecture of this peak.Density.

  • Increase density on partline

  • Increase density on hairline

But in some case with baldness more than grade 3 then  can not do   .Because  not enough  doner  hair for the bald spot. Scar. If she had scar from previous surgery then  need to camouflage scar so change or modify hairline to cover scar also. Double follicular unit give a very good density on scar but scar have to be soft and linear. Ovoid or patch scar  have to transplant with low density to increase  blood to follicle ratio  to increase chance of graft survival.

Doner harvesting:

For transgender  to get hair follicle from doner can be done by.

1. Strip harvesting will produce small linear scar in the back very easy hide under your own hair. Please visit  for  complete information

2. FUE Extract hair follicle from the back of scalp then transplant to the front and temporal.Produce no scar at the doner site. Visit for more detail.

3. Line Thai Micro hairline . To create a natural hairline for Super feminine Hairline. to produce soft smooth natural dense hairline 



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